Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this section to address some common questions. If this still does not provide the answers you are looking for, feel free to call or email us.

  1. Paint Curb Southwest and SouthEast
  2. So if you are on those side of town. Tili hired someone only work those area when work Park Edge in Missouri City. So there naybe a delay in get your curb painted

  3. Schedule and timetable

    At the moment working a large curb painting project! So avaibility is Saturday may get opportunity to paint your curb quickly if you on way to the jobsite!

  4. What about the legality of certain logos and trademarks?

    Well, my supplier has handled the license, legally, and the other issues. To be able to create the stencil of your choice.

  5. How long will a curb address marker last?

    Curb address marker should last for three (3) years, because of the type of traffic paint we use also add clear sealer to the finished product.

  6. How many curb address we complete daily?

    Weather permitting, we can complete up to 100 curb address markers, daily.

  7. Can we do just my house?

    We can do that but it better to setup multiple houses, for efficiency and cost. Once your order is placed, you could ask your neighbor.

  8. What areas do you cover?

    100-mile radius from Houston..

  9. Do you do large projects for HOA and Property Management?

    Yes, we can do large project up 1000+ homes We give a volume discounts on large orders that is excess of 50+.

  10. What kinds of material do you use?

    Traffic paints and spray paints we use are environmentally safe.

  11. Can pay online? Nope you don't have to pay online but it is prefer, can pay with cash, money order or a check, . but all monies must be collected before work is begins. If we have a project in your area, payment must be received before the deadline ends.

  12. Do you have a portfolio? You can view samples of our work by clicking here and here

  13. Do you offer commercial work? Yes, we do commercial striping, ADA compliance work, parking lot stenciling and more. For more information, please click here.